We are a full service commercial furniture installation company in Northern California.

Our installers have the training and experience to handle any size job while also meeting your budget and schedule. We provide turnkey and custom installations.

Let Our Expertise Become Your Next Best Asset

Creative Office Inc., creates a single-source approach for all of your office furniture needs. Our solutions allow you to focus on what you do best because we can help you to maximize your commercial office space.

We work with schools, government offices, healthcare facilities, telecommunications, and any other business who needs commercial office furniture installation, warehousing, or relocation to ensure a positive outcome is always available. Our team can even help with any service repairs you may have.

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Systems Furniture

We receive, deliver, unload, stage strip, “unbox” and install product per drawings, wipe down/clean up, dispose of all debris.


We will take an existing layout and create a new one per customers drawing, adding or down sizing a giving area.


We provide moving services for any and all products, either in house or off-site to a new location. We coordinate with customers on timing, prep, i.e., supply boxes, labels, and equipment and direction of the process.

Inventory Management

We provide warehousing of client’s product overflow.  We pack it and rack it, keep track of it, pull it, deliver it and install it.

Project Management

Thanks to our Northern California location, you are working with someone local who understands the unique challenges that your business faces each day. We will serve as the bridge between the needs of your commercial office and the dealership to ensure there are no hiccups in the project management chain.

Classroom Furniture

Our services provide a start-to-finish result for each space that you want to upgrade with new classroom furniture. We can help you to create plans, assemble each item, and install all types of furniture for a single room or your entire facility.

Ergonomic Services

We make sure that clients are in the proper position for their days work. We fix and make adjustments. We also make repairs on chairs, monitor arms, keyboard trays, raising and lowering work surfaces, retro fitting ergo materials for comfort.

Service Repairs

We will fix any and all furniture related issues, i.e.; chairs, keyboard trays, cubicles, drawers, files, touch up, ergo adjustments, etc.

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